Your success will be the result of our ability to provide you innovation

Innovative Film Solutions S.L. produces and markets an innovative plastic film based on copolymers, designed for window envelopes and, in particular, for the high-speed mailing sortations, optical character recognition (OCR) and barcode readers (BCR’s), as well as QR codes.

This film has excellent properties for any size and any kind of machines with excellent performance in every mail sortation machines. In average, the improvement in the machines by using our film, increases the  performance between 15 % and 40% in comparison to commonly-used polystyrene films.

The AW®-films are designed for standard window-envelopes and are available in different callipers, like as 25 microns (= 0.984 mil), 27 microns (= 1.063 mil), 29 microns (= 1.14 mil), 32 microns (= 1.26 mil), and 35 microns (= 1.38 mil).

For larger windows, or applications that require stronger rigidity, we offer films in higher callipers (48-50 microns = 1.89 – 1.97 mil) and for envelope windows that are printed digitally, our AW-LASER film in 36 microns (= 1.417 mil), is the best option.

We have a technical team who has great knowledge of all envelope machines, specifically knowledge about W&D machinery, and it is also capable of solving problems with other machinery. 

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Why should you select us?

Great benefits compared to our competition.


Competitive prices – High performance – Better appearance and transparency – The deviation of the materials in only +/- 0.01 microns – European product – It is the only product developed specifically for envelopes. It is its sole use – Thickness between 25 and 50 microns – Excellent products and behaviour at high speeds – Our film is free of heavy metals and BPA, is recyclable and has only small amount of phthalates – It does not create static – It does not leave any residue – No white streak marks – High resistance even at careless manipulation.

Continuous innovation of our products as well as ongoing update of knowledge in accessories like inks, blades, etc…

We belong to the Innovative Film Solutions S.L. Group. Market leader.

Innovative Film Solutions S.L. is a leading Company consisting of people who are  focused on achieving their objectives, based on excellence,  innovation and teamwork.

Our global experience in developing customized products as well as delivering the  answers to specific requirements by our customers allowed us to offer added value. This enabled us to build reliable, trustful, and long-term relationships with our business partners.

Our Research Centre develops innovative film products, so that our clients are able to save costs when replacing their presently used products with our film and are able to increase at the same time their quality, performance, and productivity.

AW window film all around the world.

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